The Mental Health Association in Michigan

is the only statewide, non-governmental agency concerned with the broad spectrum of mental illness across all age groups.

Partners in Crisis

2012 State Evaluation of Mental Health Courts

To read about this and other important topics related to justice-and-mental health, please go to www.mipic/org/html/winter_meetings.html To get the full 2012 state evaluation of mental health courts, go to the Department of Community Health website: On the homepage, click Mental Health & Substance Abuse. On the next page, click Mental Health & Developmental Disability. Then click the mental health court report under “Spotlight”

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Partners in Crisis (PIC) Operating Framework

1.  PIC initiatives are developed and overseen by a formal Advisory Board (appointed by the administrative agents – MHAM & MACED), which elects a Chair and may establish committees. 2.  Membership in PIC is open to any interested organization and any interested jurist.  Prospective members are provided with PIC’s mission, goals, initiatives and outcomes.  Membership in PIC means acceptance of and support for those statements.  Members may be asked to serve on committees established by the Advisory Board. 3.  Members annually have opportunity for input on how PIC initiatives should be revised.  After reviewing such input, the Advisory Board finalizes […]

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Michigan Partners in Crisis Mission & Goals

Mission  Michigan Partners in Crisis is dedicated to enhancing access to quality, clinically appropriate treatment and support services and settings for children and adults experiencing emotional disorders and mental illnesses.   Goals To promote the well-being and safety of consumers, families and the public.  To reduce over-reliance on the criminal and juvenile justice systems as responses to mental illness and emotional disorder, and to avoid inappropriate incarceration or detention of individuals experiencing such conditions.  To advocate for the provision of treatment and support alternatives to incarceration.  To advocate for appropriate resources for prevention, care, treatment and follow-up services to individuals […]

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