The Mental Health Association in Michigan

is the only statewide, non-governmental agency concerned with the broad spectrum of mental illness across all age groups.


Letter from Lansing – August 2020

A Note from the President & CEO This edition of “Letter from Lansing” comes to you at the end of August. Much has transpired over the past almost six months since the state of Michigan took steps to quell the spread of the coronavirus. Schools, colleges, and universities are experiencing challenges as they seek to reopen their doors to allow face-to-face sessions with students. Government is trying to predict what may happen as fall and winter approach and there may be a surge in the numbers of individuals contracting the virus. Michigan has experienced one of the highest death rates […]

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An Opportunity for Your Voice to be Heard!

A message from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services: Earlier this month, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Director Robert Gordon spoke to legislators about the MDHHS vision for the future of the state’s public behavioral health system. He spoke about the strengths of Michigan’s behavioral health system as well major challenges the system faces and the values we want to keep in the forefront as we move toward the future of behavioral health system reform. Director Gordon also reviewed key design elements of a future, improved system. In case you missed it, you can find […]

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Letter from Lansing – December

LETTER FROM LANSING is a monthly public policy newsletter from the Mental Health Association in Michigan (MHAM) Vol. 1, No. 12                                                                        Dec. 2018 Questionable Bill Package Opposed by MHAM Fails in Lame-Duck Legislative Session Senate Bills 1245-47, allowing law enforcement to access information about people who have been legally prescribed controlled substances for medical conditions, did not make their way through the Legislature after we testified […]

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State police want access to prescription drug monitoring system to fight opioid crisis

By Carol Thompson | Lansing State Journal | 12.16.18 LANSING — Michigan State Police want lawmakers to grant them more access to the state’s prescription drug monitoring program. But what troopers see as a way to control the state’s deadly opioid crisis, mental health advocates say could lead to dangerous violations of patient privacy. “Our whole concern is that it’s going to open up new avenues for law enforcement to get the names of our constituents when our constituents haven’t necessarily done a thing wrong,” said Mark Reinstein, president of the Mental Health Association in Michigan. The package of bills, SB 1245-1247, would give […]

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