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Membership in the Mental Health Association in Michigan


The Mental Health Association in Michigan (MHAM) is an organization focused on advocating for individuals with mental illness. Being a member of MHAM allows you to have a more active voice in this discussion, participate in a variety of advocacy activities, and links you to others addressing these and related concerns. Becoming a member of MHAM also puts you in excellent company and signals your interest in being counted among the most involved and forward-thinking organizations in the country.

Organizational Membership $300

Being a MHAM organizational member includes the following benefits:

Free subscription to MHAM's Mental Health Matters e-newsletter:

  • Electronic contact with other members of MHAM to share information and ideas, get and give support, identify problems, find solutions and work collaboratively with other MHAM members;
  • A discount on registration fees for MHAM events and educational programming;
  • MHAM legislative alerts, news releases, calls to action and policy updates;
  • Email distribution of the above to up to 50 employees, board members or associates;
  • Organizational link on the MHAM website

Become an Organizational Member


Become a Individual Member $50*

Who Can Be Members?

  • Individuals who have experienced and are seeking recovery from mental recovery from mental recovery from mental recovery from mental health problems or addictions.
  • Families of loved ones who have struggled with these issues or been lost to suicide.
  • Advocates who see mental health as a public and social justice issue.
  • Mental health care professionals who believe that an individual's goals for recovery should come first.
  • Primary care doctors and nurses that see the impact of poor mental health in our patients' general health every day.
  • Researchers who are unlocking the secrets of brain and human behavior.
  • Businessmen and women who understand the benefits of good mental to the bottom line.
  • School officials who see children fall behind due to unmet emotional needs.
  • Youth who want to help our peers with mental health problems.
  • Public officials who are trying to change systems from within.
  • Law enforcement and corrections officers who see the effects of untreated illness and wish there were better services for the people we encounter.
  • Survivors of natural disasters, domestic abuse and street crimes who confront the psychological effects of these traumatic events every day.
  •  And, others in the community who believe that, through action and by commitment, we can make a difference in someone's life.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Newsletter informing you of news within the organization and current information on mental health issues.
  • Monthly Mental Health Matters  e-newsletter that provides you with public policy updates and other information that impacts the behavioral health care
  • Option to receive e-mail updates on special events and information on mental health topics that affect you and your community.
  • Discount on events and merchandise promoted by the organization.
  • Free or reduced prices on educational events including Continuing Education for Professionals (subject to availability).
  • Contribution letter for your tax records for your donation to a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
  • Updates & Information on local support groups, educational programs, advocacy at affiliate, state & national levels



The Mental Health Association in Michigan is designated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization by the Internal Revenue Service. A copy of the designation letter is available upon request.

*Discounted Membership: $25
-Active Military/Veteran
-Person with Lived Experience

Become A Member:

To become a MHAM member, print and fill out our Membership Application Form then mail it to: MHAM, P.O. Box 11118, Lansing, MI 48901 or complete the online form:

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