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December 18, 2018

State police want access to prescription drug monitoring system to fight opioid crisis

By Carol Thompson | Lansing State Journal | 12.16.18

LANSING — Michigan State Police want lawmakers to grant them more access to the state’s prescription drug monitoring program.

But what troopers see as a way to control the state’s deadly opioid crisis, mental health advocates say could lead to dangerous violations of patient privacy.

“Our whole concern is that it’s going to open up new avenues for law enforcement to get the names of our constituents when our constituents haven’t necessarily done a thing wrong,” said Mark Reinstein, president of the Mental Health Association in Michigan.

The package of bills, SB 1245-1247, would give state police real-time access to the Michigan Automated Prescription Drug system, which tracks controlled substances doled out by pharmacists, veterinarians and doctors across the state.

MSP Sgt. Matt Williams, who has testified in support of the bills as they move through the legislature’s fast-paced lame duck session, argued the legislation would allow troopers to see trends that could indicate dealers are peddling prescriptions on the street.

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