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December 9, 2016

12.8.16 – MDHHS Message on Section 298

Dear Stakeholders,

Over the last year, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has been exploring strategies for improving the coordination of physical health and behavioral health services. This initiative, which is known as Section 298, is based upon a legislative requirement in this year’s budget. Under Section 298, the Michigan Legislature has directed MDHHS to develop a report with recommendations on this issue.

MDHHS would like to provide the following updates on the Section 298 Initiative:

  • Revised Timeline: MDHHS has revised the timeline for the Section 298 Initiative. The purpose of the new timeline is to allow adequate time for statewide discussions on recommendations for the legislature. The revised timeline will involve the creation of two reports. MDHHS will submit an interim report with policy recommendations to the legislature by January 15th. MDHHS will then submit a final report with financing models and benchmarks by March 15th. Both reports will be posted for public review, and MDHHS will host at least one stakeholder forum for each version of the report.
  • Interim Report:

o   MDHHS will post the draft interim report for public review next week. During public review, stakeholders will be given several options for submitting written comments. MDHHS will also host a public forum to introduce the draft report and receive comments from stakeholders. The forum will occur in early January. MDHHS will publish additional information on the public review process in the near future.

o   MDHHS and the 298 Facilitation Workgroup will use the comments from public review to revise the draft interim report. The revised interim report will be submitted to the legislature by January 15th. MDHHS will publish additional information on the public review process in the near future.

  • Next Phase of the 298 Discussion: After the interim report is submitted to the legislature, MDHHS will launch the next phase of the statewide discussion. The next phase of the discussion will focus on the development of financing models and benchmarks for the final report. This phase will also include a public review period and several stakeholder forums. MDHHS will publish additional information on the next phase of the process in the near future.

If you have any questions about this email or the Section 298 Initiative, please send an email to

Best regards,

The 298 Team

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