The Mental Health Association in Michigan
is the only statewide, non-governmental agency concerned with the
broad spectrum of mental illness across all age groups.

Justifiable? Police-involved shootings & mental illness go hand-in-hand

01/10/2019 - 04:41AM

By Gus Burns | Todd Stone called 911 and confessed an urge to “blast the whole block up.” "Depressed, highly intoxicated and suicidal," according to police reports and the 911 recording, the 48-year-old cancer patient would eventually tell the dispatcher he had no intention of hurting anyone but himself. Minutes later, he was shot to ...

MHAM’s Primary Legislative Initiatives for 2019-2020

01/04/2019 - 06:51PM

Every two years, with the approval of the MHAM Board of Directors, MHAM establishes a list of advocacy priorities and/or initiatives that it seeks to pursue over the next legislative session.  Our Partners in Crisis mental-health-and-justice coalition also develops initiatives annually (with this year’s to be set mid-January). Between MHAM and ...

MHAM’s First Blog Post!

01/04/2019 - 05:39PM

MHAM January 1, 2019  Happy New Year!   Welcome to the Mental Health Association in Michigan (MHAM) blog.  We are introducing a blog that will be posted on the MHAM web site and on Facebook about every two weeks.  The blog will bring you up to date information about what is happening ...


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