The Mental Health Association in Michigan
is the only statewide, non-governmental agency concerned with the
broad spectrum of mental illness across all age groups.

A Cop Killer’s Unchecked Mental Illness & the Lives it Destroyed

01/10/2019 - 04:47AM

By Gus Burns | TITABAWASSEE TWP., MI -- A steel door buzzes open. Dozens of inmates enter a white day room to visit with children, parents, wives and girlfriends. In shuffles Marquise Cromer, a 250-pound-plus, 6-foot-3 convicted cop killer. The 23-year-old Detroit man sits in a chair that seems much too small for ...

Justifiable? Police-involved shootings & mental illness go hand-in-hand

01/10/2019 - 04:41AM

By Gus Burns | Todd Stone called 911 and confessed an urge to “blast the whole block up.” "Depressed, highly intoxicated and suicidal," according to police reports and the 911 recording, the 48-year-old cancer patient would eventually tell the dispatcher he had no intention of hurting anyone but himself. Minutes later, he was shot to ...

With hospitalization Losing Favor, Judges Order Outpatient Mental Health Treatment

11/24/2018 - 05:56PM

Since its inception, the court-ordered intervention has generated controversy. By CARMEN HEREDIA RODRIGUEZ NOVEMBER 21, 2018 | This article originally appeared on Kaiser Health News When mental illness hijacks Margaret Rodgers’ mind, she acts out. Rodgers, 35, lives with depression and bipolar disorder. When left unchecked, the conditions drive the Alabama woman to excessive spending, ...


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